Basic Criminal Record Check

There are three types of Criminal Record Check Enhanced, Standard and Basic.
As an individual you can only obtain a basic check. This will show all unspent convictions and the eligibility for this check is not dictated by which job role you do, it is available to everyone.

We get asked many times by people who are Self Employed why they cannot obtain an enhanced DBS certificate as they will be working in specified establishments like schools and care homes.

The reason for this is to obtain an Enhanced DBS check you must be working directly with vulnerable groups or in specified establishments and it must be done by an organisation or employer as you can’t perform your own risk assessment or ID check. This is the criteria set out in the governments Freedom of Information Act 2012.
As a self-employed/individual a basic check is appropriate and can be shown to potential customers or future employers which could provide you with an advantage against someone who has not obtained one.
Basic checks are becoming more widespread in their use and acts as a type of criminal reference, which could state that you have no unspent criminal convictions. This demonstrates to your potential employer/customers your initiative by showing you are trustworthy and actively trying to work.

Living or working abroad

If you live or are going to work outside the UK and are asked to provide a DBS check or want to be checked for the time you were residing in the UK, you are able to obtain a Basic Criminal Record Check which you can apply for through the DBS or Disclosure Scotland.