If you employ drivers or staff within the transport sector a CRIMINAL RECORD CHECK is important as your staff might come into contact with vulnerable groups if they deliver products to schools or hospitals and care homes or just to private property.

You are entitled to apply for a Criminal Record Check depending on the job role of your staff or where they deliver your products to, depending on the eligibility of which check is appropriate.

As the customer becomes more informed they want to know that your drivers or couriers have been criminal record checked when they are delivering goods to their door.

If your drivers are delivering products to schools or care homes they may be eligible for an enhanced DBS check.

Are your coach drivers working on school contracts or taking children on trips? They may be eligible for an enhanced DBS check.

If the role includes conveying a child or adult for the purposes of health, personal or social care due to age illness or disability, they may be eligible for an enhanced DBS check.

The four levels of Criminal Record Checks are:


Each check provides different levels of information and it is the job role that decides which check you are eligible to request.

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PLEASE NOTE: Individuals cannot apply for Enhanced or Standard DBS (CRB) Checks, they can only be requested by a company on behalf of staff.

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