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Digital ID Validation & Right to Work Checks

As of 1st June 2023, you will now be able to carry out digital ID validation through our DBS portal, either for:

A DBS ID check for your Basic, Standard or Enhanced DBS check application process

A Right to Work check using a valid UK or Irish passport (or Irish passport card)

A Right to Work check of the Government Share Code

As a combined Right to Work and DBS ID check.

   For DBS ID checks, you will see an additional option to use digital ID validation when you reach the “Identity Check Method” screen during your usual application process.

The key benefits for you as a Client will be:

Reduction in admin time and resources – no more checking original ID documents face-to-face.

Quicker for applicants – they will verify themselves using their passport and driving licence and they can do this on their smartphone.

More secure – reduces your risk of accepting fraudulent ID documents.

Quality assured – the check will meet the Government’s standard.

The digital ID validation will incur an additional charge depending on the checks required.  Please find below the full list of services available.

Digital RtW (including Share Code)

Digital RtW (including Share Code & student)

DBS Basic Digital ID + current address

DBS Standard/Enhanced Digital ID

RtW + DBS Basic Digital ID + current address – UK/Irish

RtW + DBS Basic Digital ID + current address – non-UK/Irish

RtW + DBS Digital ID Standard/Enhanced – UK/Irish

RtW + DBS Digital ID Standard/Enhanced – non-UK/Irish

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