Construction Workers and Sub-Contractors

Construction workers and sub-contractors – usual check BASIC. Working in Specified Establishments with vulnerable people – ENHANCED or STANDARD check may be required.

Specified Establishments

Staff working in the following establishments:

Educational Institution exclusively or mainly for the provision of full-time education to children (schools/academies, nurseries, colleges).

  • Pupil Referral Units
  • Residential Children’s Care Homes
  • Children’s Detention Centres, any Children’s Centre in England.
  • Children’s Hospitals and Mental Health Facilities
  • Care Homes

If your staff or sub-contractors will be working on any of the above establishments give us a call and we will advise which check is appropriate.

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PLEASE NOTE: Individuals cannot apply for Enhanced or Standard DBS (CRB) Checks, they can only be requested by a company on behalf of staff.

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