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We specialise in criminal records checking for the medical/health sector.


If your staff are healthcare professionals or carry out work under the supervision of a healthcare professional, they would qualify for the ENHANCED DBS Check.

If the applicant’s role includes support or care work for adults or children, they will qualify for the Enhanced Check. This level of check is primarily needed for roles that include working with children or adults in a vulnerable position on a regular basis.

Jobs this relates to:

Doctor, Nurse, Carer, Support Worker, Child-minder, Nursery Nurse, Dentist, Psychiatrist, Psychologist, Hospital Porter etc. This list is not exhaustive.


If your staff are not healthcare professionals and do not provide the support above they could still be eligible for a STANDARD DBS Check if they work in a specialised building or environment which include Hospitals, Doctors or Dentist surgeries etc.

Tradesman who work in these properties could also be eligible for the above DBS Checks.

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PLEASE NOTE: Individuals cannot apply for Enhanced or Standard DBS (CRB) Checks, they can only be requested by a company on behalf of staff.

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