Written Guidance for Online Applications




As a DBS Manager for your Organisation you will be responsible for checking the identification of the applicant and for completing Section Y of the Application Form if applicable. The following guidance will enable you to do this online.  Should you have any problems do not hesitate to contact us on 01942 609365 for assistance.

Section 1: Setting Up Your Account

  1. In order to access the service visit www.criminalrecordsservices.com (we suggest you add this link to your favourites)
  2. On the homepage of www.criminalrecordsservices.com under the ‘Registered Companies’ heading click the link for ‘Account Managers’. Next click on “Online Application Service”
  3. You are now at the Login Page of our online application channel for the first time. You will have received two auto generated emails.  One containing your username, organisation reference, and a default Date of Birth.  Another containing your one-time password. Please enter your organisation reference and your username in the relevant fields.  Upon submitting this information, you will be able to change your password and date of birth.
  4. Upon completing this, a green box will appear above the login details section which states ‘Thank you – update successful – Click here to enter the System’. Upon clicking this link, you will be taken to your application management dashboard.


Section 2: Managing Applications

  1. As your applicants complete online DBS Checks (see Section 5) they will appear in your application management Dashboard.
  2. Your Dashboard shows 3 boxes, ‘Pre Submission’, “Transfer” and “Submitted”.
  3. In the ‘Pre Submission’ box you will see ‘Awaiting Verification’. This is the part of the process that you as ID checker and DBS Manager will complete once an applicant has submitted their application. Click this link to see your applications awaiting ID Check and Section Y authorisation (If applicable).
  4. You will now see all the applications awaiting an ID check. To open one click on the reference number “Our Ref” highlighted in blue. Once opened the top left of the application has a “Check ID” and also a “Section Y” link if it is a Standard or Enhanced check. Once these sections are completed click the “Approve button at the top of the application and the application will come through to us for invoicing and Countersigning.
  5. To complete section Y please click the “Section Y” option. You will be asked to complete the drop-down boxes.

Please use the tool checker as a guide to eligibility for a job role. https://www.gov.uk/find-out-dbs-check

For further guidance on eligibility please see the link below.



  1. To complete the ‘ID Check’. Please click the ‘Check ID’ section, where you will have 3 options.
    1. You can invite the applicant to undertake a digital ID check only or a digital ID check plus a Right to Work check (both will incur an additional fee along with the usual application fees).
    2. You can upload an existing digital ID check report from your own IDVT provider.
    3. You can complete the ID check manually using original documents provided by the applicant.


The third option asks you to select the relevant documents from the drop-down tabs that the applicant has provided to you. Guidance on identification can be found in the “Policies and Guides” section on our homepage. On selecting the identification document, you will be asked for additional information i.e., the driving licence number or to verify the document age etc. You must then check that the applicants date of birth, current address, and all name information match those provided on their application form by viewing all pages. A Cost Code/Personnel Number can be entered if your company requires this for invoicing purposes, otherwise, leave blank. You can then click save and you will be prompted to return to the application. Once all sections are complete, select the approve button to submit the application to us. You will then see a screen which states that the application is ready for ‘counter signatory authorisation’. This means the application has been submitted to us for invoicing.


Section 3: Tracking Applications

You can track the progress of your submitted applications online at any time by doing the following.

  1. In your DBS management area ensure the ‘dashboard’ tab is selected. In the bottom box entitled ‘Submitted’ you will see a link entitled ‘Processing’. By clicking this link it will take you to a screen which shows all the DBS checks currently being processed by the DBS from your organisation.
  2. To the right of each DBS application you will see a link named ‘Track’. Simply click this link to see at what stage the individual DBS check is up to.

Section 4: Viewing Completed Applications

  1. You can only download a snapshot of the DBS certificate on a completed application if it contains no content. To do this you can click on the application under the “Completed” heading and download a snapshot of the certificate.
  2. Alternatively you can click on the application under the “Reference” heading to open it and then you can click on “Certificate contains no information” and then on “Download Result Snapshot”.
  3. If a certificate contains any content it will state ‘Please wait to view’, you will not be able to download an online snapshot and must get the applicants permission to physically view their certificate.

Section 5: Applicants Guidance

Applicants need to go to www.criminalrecordsservices.com and click the ‘Registered Companies’ box on our homepage and select the level of check their employer has requested, either the Basic or Standard/Enhanced.

Next they need to enter the organisation reference that has been provided to all account managers.

Please note no organisation code is required and the organisation code field must be left blank.  Applicants then simply follow the online form.

Should you have any problems using our online service do not hesitate to contact us on +44 (0) 1942 609365.  

Thank You.