For any employer it is important to know the key elements to consider when completing an employability risk assessment in order to make a safe recruitment decision should any DBS Checks contain information.


What is an Employability Risk Assessment?

An Employability risk assessment is made by an employer based on any information that may be disclosed on a DBS check in order to make a safe recruitment decision to place an applicant into a certain line of work.

Assessing the Conviction’s

  • Is any offence directly related to the job role?
  • If yes could it put the applicant in a position to re-offend?
  • Was the offence a one off?
  • Are there a number of similar offences?
  • How long between offences?


Assessing the Conviction

  • Are there a range of different offences?
  • How long ago since the last offence?
  • Are the offences spent or un-spent?
  • Is there a pattern of behaviour? (3 similar offences e.g. violent, theft etc)


Assessing the Sentence

Did the Judge give a mild or severe sentence for the type of offence, was it a:

  • Fine
  • Community Sentence, how long?
  • Conditional sentence, what conditions?
  • Custodial sentence, how long?
  • Action plan/Drug treatment plan, how long?
  • Other sentence?   

Assessing the Personality Profile 

  • How old was the applicant when offence committed?
  • Was the applicant under the age of eighteen?
  • Was the offence emotional (family related)?
  • Was it violent?
  • Was it opportune?
  • Was it pre-meditated?